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Throughout America’s history, low income and minority homebuyers have been redlined, shut out, and sometimes blatantly denied homeownership. When the opportunity is given to own a home, often the interest rate is higher than their counterparts of a different ethnicity. To be honest, some lending practices were racist and designed to keep minorities from owning a home. Homeownership is the main tool to build generational wealth. However, for so many decades low income and minority homebuyers have been unable to create generational wealth through homeownership.

Maven Mortgage intends to make a difference by offering a better choice in home lending. A homebuyer should not be given a higher interest rate based on their race nor their credit score. We are changing the status quo in lending practices to provide low income and minority homebuyers an affordable mortgage with a low interest rate. No longer will low credit scores, lack of down payment, or race hinder a homebuyer from becoming a homeowner. 

                                                                                  -Donnell Coves 

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